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I’m coming as quick as…

Edit: Please note that the original boat mentioned later in this post, turned out to be unusable. My new project is listed in this post.

I know it’s taking a long time but sometimes, some things are worth waiting for, right!

Anyway, I have been rather busy this year. Two big projects started, the first being the complete rebuild of my electric wheelchair which was well overdue. Apart from new batteries, and a complete refresh of the chassis and all other mechanical parts, I did a complete ground-up restoration so to speak.

But I’ll let you be the judge of whether I did a good job or not when you see the post or posts about it with pictures. Keep a lookout here for that one. By the way, do you like the snail1 image above?

The other project I have started is nowhere near finished yet, basically because I have only recently started it! This one is another boat, a bit like my other one – Little Moorhen. This one is a bit longer and a lot wider in the width, which should be a lot more stable. My intention is to get out on the Norfolk Broads again, but this time I’ll be photographing the wildlife and landscapes as I navigate some of my favourite backwaters. I’ll also be travelling around the Norfolk and Suffolk coast, filming and taking photographs.

I managed to get this boat with an engine and trailer for the sum of £600, knowing full well that it would be a project boat. As you will see from the images I’ll be posting, it is in poor condition as well as the trailer being rubbish.

But more about this later. Please do come back and keep a check on how it is going as well as my other little projects.

Regards, Mike (Boatie).

Notes & References

  1. Image of Snail taken by Wolfgang Hasselmann, available from https://unsplash.com/photos/_kTvNCb7gZA/ Accessed on 7th Sept. 2019
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