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Pebble Project

Measuring up

The weather has been awful and truth be told, I’ve not really been in the mood to do much, because my blood pressure has been sky high and my Angina has gone out of control.

But I digress my Boatie Crew, my most humble apologies…

So yesterday I did go out and measure up various parts of my boat, so as to facilitate the ease of getting the new hardwood etc without wasting my money or the wood!

I have now drawn up a basic plan with the measurements I have taken from my particular boat and transferred this into my vector software. The diagram I have created is not an exact scale plan, more a dimensional idea with accurate measurements.

Next, I shall draw up the internal structure and dimensions, in particular, the floor area and the new stringers. I’m also going to be fitting internal frameworks to the sides for extra strength and to help with panelling it out, this will also allow me to hide away any wires and cables.

The centre console part of the refit has unfortunately come to a halt. It is just not big enough to hold all the equipment I have, so I think I will have to throw away the GRP one and actually build my own design. I guess in hindsight that a bespoke made console would have been better from the start, but I was not too confident about making one that would be strong enough and hopefully outlast me.

But as with all things Boatie, plans change, ideas are rehashed and a new direction is taken. I’ll keep you informed of what the outcome of the console saga becomes, but if you don’t want to miss out, then sign up to the Boatie Crew Newsletter.

If you are working on a similar Pebble (Coble), then please feel free to download my plan (free gratis). I have created various versions for your use, but please do not reproduce for commercial use, resale etc, these are for personal use only.  The SVG format will allow you to change items as you need, whilst retaining the correct scale as will the PDF. The original design is set out on A2 sizing paper, but it does print out very nicely on smaller sized paper such as A3 or A4.

For the free files, please visit the Resources page.

Regards, Mike.

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