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Pebble Project

Pebble Project – #5

In a previous post, I mentioned the saga I was having with regard to my centre console. Well, I have looked all over the internet via Google search, but nothing has come up in the way of a decent-sized one I can buy, ready-made.

Today I did find a Chinese manufacturer who does make them, along with various seating arrangements. I have emailed them to find out the costs for shipping to the UK, but if that is too much, then it will be back to the “Build it Myself” scenario!

So, just in case I have done my usual ink sketch of what I would like to achieve and then completed the plan in my SVG software. I’ll include a file in the resources section should anyone find it useful.

Of course, my biggest dilemma will be in the fibreglassing of the plywood version I’ll be making, as this will be the very first time that I will have attempted this kind of thing. It’s probably not going to help that my workshop is cold at this time of year and there is not much room because of all the tools and equipment I already have in there.

But things can change for the better, mostly in my experience when we don’t expect it!

If anyone has any tips or ideas, feel free to let me know.

Regards, Mike.

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