So you want to know all about me, well it goes a bit like this.

I was born and raised in South Yorkshire, in Rotherham1 located in the Rother Valley (as it was known as then), in the West Ridings.

When I was just a little tyke, my parents moved down to a village called Market Deeping2 in Lincolnshire. I had the most idyllic childhood you could ever imagine, I’ll tell you all about it sometime!

Then from there we moved again, to Peterborough3 in Cambridgeshire.

After a reasonable amount of time, I guess my parents got the old Viking wanderlust again and we moved to North Norfolk4 to Southrepps.

At this time I decided to put down my own roots and settled in Mundesley where I became a crew member of the local private lifeboat 5. Sadly I then gained employment in Norwich, which meant lots of commuting and more to the point, unable to attend callouts. I’m now thinking that perhaps my Viking wanderlust days have finally stopped – in Norwich for now, at least!

Well, as I’ve lived for the longest part of my life now in Norfolk, I decided to try and find a suitable name for my little website that would characterise me. And with a little bit of digging around, I found the perfect word, you guessed it – Boatie.

In the Oxford (Lexico) dictionary6 it is noted as:

Noun - boaties: A boating enthusiast.
informal Australian, New Zealand

It means a lot to me as I have always had a love of boats, canoes, kayaks, inflatables, jet skis and the sea. This site will be chronicling my latest project amongst many more to come, the refitting of my newly acquired 17ft Yorkshire Pebble (Coble). So as you can see, I started life in Yorkshire and this will probably be my very last boat, so it is fitting that it is a design born of my ancestral home.

So there we have it, you now know a little about me. Continue to enjoy the rest of my website and perhaps watch it grow as I add some of my works and writings, maybe get in touch with me.

Regards, Mike.

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